The Mudskippers
Neo-Bluegrass Skiffle Revolution

Neo-Bluegrass Skiffle

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The Mudskippers first met during the great skiffle crisis of 1893. In these troubled times the first of the Mudskippers found solice in crazy beats, outlandish covers and a few ales on the weekend. Coming from as far afield as oxford street and penard. As time went on they developed a underground following of fellow skipper fans that endulged in their hedonistic betrayal of the music of the most celebrated musicians of the time. Most notable was the recital of the complete works of Brahms on his deathbed in April of 1897, completed in a record time of 4 minutes and 32 seconds; a record to this day. This was probably their most inspirational period, during which the Mudskippers gained cult status as the ‘bad boys’ of “chamber music” influenced skiffle.
Following the repeal of the oppressive skiffle prohibition laws in 1925 the Mudskippers attempted a world tour in 1927. Unfortunately, it became apparent that the the attraction of the underground skiffle movement had wained and many claimed the Skippers had “lost their edge”. Over the next few years the Mudskippers gave up on playing live, playing only a handful of gigs over the next 40 years. As the attention of many of their fans was diverted by the florishing jazz scene over the pond, the line up changed numerous times.

These days the Mudskippers can still be found murdering the lastest greatest songs of our time (whilst still playing haunting reminders of their illustrious past) all over the UK. Check them out when you next get the chance.

It might just change your life

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